We are Exhibiting at the Battery Tech Expo 2023

March 22, 2023
Cellcycle is proud to announce its participation at the upcoming Battery Tech Expo at Silverstone on the 20th of April 2023. As a leading provider of lithium-ion battery recycling in the UK, Cellcycle is excited to showcase its innovative and sustainable approach for treating end-of-life li-ion batteries. The expo will provide an excellent platform for Cellcycle to connect with industry professionals, share insights and best practices, and promote its technology to potential partners and investors.

At the Battery Tech Expo, Cellcycle will highlight its state-of-the-art recycling process, which will be capable of recovering a range of critical materials used in lithium-ion batteries, including cobalt, nickel, and lithium. This process not only minimises waste and reduces the environmental footprint but also helps to create a circular economy for the li-ion battery sector. By presenting the benefits of its technology, Cellcycle aims to promote awareness of the importance of responsible battery use and recycling.

During the exhibition, Cellcycle’s Battery Division Director, Jeff Borrman will be speaking live at 9:25 in Hall 2 about the challenges of battery recycling and how innovation can help create a sustainable future. Attendees can expect to learn about the challenges and opportunities in battery waste management, the importance of battery disposal regulations, and the potential impact of lithium-ion batteries on the environment. Overall, Cellcycle’s participation in the Battery Tech Expo underscores its commitment to driving sustainable innovation in the industry and finding solutions for a greener future.

Cellcycle is thrilled to be showcasing its services and insight into sustainable battery treatment at the Battery Tech Expo. The event provides an excellent opportunity to exhibit the company’s sustainable approach to battery waste management and to connect with stakeholders in the industry. By promoting the benefits of its innovative technology, Cellcycle hopes to inspire more companies to adopt responsible practices and help protect the planet for future generations.

Find out more about the Battery Tech expo and how to attend here.

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