Explore Cellcycle’s lithium-ion battery recycling service designed specifically for the dynamic and evolving landscape of the e-mobility sector. Our commitment extends to providing a comprehensive end-of-life solution for a diverse array of lithium-ion batteries intrinsic to e-mobility. This includes batteries from electric buses and trains, facilitating the sustainable disposal of power sources crucial to public transport electrification. Additionally, our service encompasses the responsible recycling of batteries used in e-bikes, e-scooters, ferries, and other sea-going vessels.


All types of Li-ion chemistries


From e-bikes & scooters to electric busses and trucks


Compliant packaging, handling & storage

Flexible and adaptable

At Cellcycle, we understand that the needs of our clients in the e-mobility sector are diverse and evolving. That’s why our lithium-ion battery recycling service is crafted to be both adaptable and flexible, ensuring clients are provided with a solution that aligns with their specific requirements. We offer nationwide collections for an effortless disposal of end-of-life lithium-ion batteries from any location, ensuring a solution that not only meets your needs but also supports the sustainable progress of the e-mobility industry in a convenient and efficient manner. 

Strategically designed

Our storage containers are strategically designed to facilitate safe and efficient battery collection, and our compliant packaging strictly adheres to industry standards, ensuring the secure transportation of batteries from a wide range of e-mobility applications. Whether you operate electric buses, trains, e-bikes, e-scooters, or maritime vessels, Cellcycle provides a tailored and hassle-free recycling service that meticulously meets the unique demands of the e-mobility sector. By upholding the highest environmental and safety standards, we ensure that our service not only addresses the logistical challenges of battery recycling but also contributes to the sustainability goals of our clients. This commitment to excellence and environmental stewardship makes Cellcycle an ideal partner for e-mobility companies looking for reliable battery recycling solutions.