Cellcyle works with automobile manufacturers and leaders in electric vehicle technology to ethically and efficiently recycle lithium-ion batteries and other automobile batteries.


All types of Li-ion chemistries


All types of Automotive batteries


Extending the life of Li-ion EV Batteries

Helping create a sustainable automotive industry

One of the world’s largest uses of batteries is in the form of automobiles and as we develop more sustainable technology, much of the batteries that were once used are now becoming redundant.

This is why Cellcycle works with automotive businesses to sustainably recycle and dispose of all types of vehicle batteries including lithium ion batteries found in electric vehicles and lead-acid batteries commonly used in cars and older vehicles.


Lithium Iron Phosphate


All types of Automotive batteries

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Compliant packaging, handling & storage

EV Battery Recycling

Electric vehicles (EV) are becoming more and more popular around the world and has led to legislation in the UK banning all non-electric vehicle production by 2030.

Nearly all batteries used in electric vehicles are lithium-ion (li-ion and can last up to 10 years before they need replacing. When they reach a diminished capacity they become redundant.

At Cellcycle we collect, treat and recycle all types of lithium-ion batteries from large li-ion batteries found in electric cars and vehicles (EVS) to those smaller like e-bikes, scooters and hoverboards.