Sustainable Battery Disposal in the Healthcare Sector

At Cellcycle, our services notably include Lithium-ion battery recycling tailored for the healthcare sector. Specifically, the NHS and other healthcare organisations across the UK and Europe heavily rely on the use of batteries every day in a wide array of devices. This encompasses critical care equipment, pacemakers, ventilators, defibrillator equipment, and much more, underscoring the essential role our recycling services play in supporting healthcare operations.


All types of Li-ion chemistries


Fully equipped to handle lithium batteries from clinical environments

Meeting the Unique Needs of the Healthcare Sector

Cellcycle is proud to offer a specialised, efficient lithium-ion battery recycling service tailored for the healthcare sector’s unique needs. In the fast-paced healthcare industry, where medical technology advancements constantly improve patient care, responsibly disposing of lithium-ion batteries from vital medical devices is crucial. Our service ensures safe, secure recycling of batteries from a wide range of critical devices, including portable diagnostic tools, life support equipment, defibrillators, and various electronic instruments. This underscores our commitment to environmental sustainability and healthcare support.

Meeting the Unique Needs of the Healthcare Sector

Our lithium-ion battery recycling for healthcare aligns with strict industry standards and sustainability goals. Cellcycle uses advanced technology and best practices for safe battery handling and recycling. Choosing Cellcycle helps healthcare providers support a circular economy, reduce e-waste, and lessen environmental impact. Embrace a sustainable disposal method with Cellcycle, your partner in integrating eco-friendly practices in healthcare, promoting a healthier planet for future generations.