Energy and Utility

Explore our specialised lithium-ion battery recycling service tailored for the energy and utility sector at Cellcycle. We offer a comprehensive end-of-life solution designed to meet the unique needs of energy storage systems (ESS), grid storage, home energy storage, and various lithium-ion batteries from the utility sector.


All types of Li-ion chemistries


Safe handling and recycling of battery energy storage systems


The UK's only recycling solution for Lithium Thionyl Chloride

Commitment to secure sustainable Lithium-ion battery recycling

 Our service goes beyond mere disposal, encompassing environmentally responsible practices that adhere to the highest industry standards. At Cellcycle, we understand the critical role energy storage plays in today’s landscape, and our dedicated team ensures the secure and sustainable recycling of lithium-ion batteries, contributing to the circular economy and promoting a greener future for the energy and utility sector.

Specialised onsite decommissioning

As part of our complete lithium-ion battery recycling solution, Cellcycle can provide a specialised onsite decommissioning, dismantling, and collection service tailored to meet the specific needs of the energy and utility sector. Our experienced team is proficient in handling all types of lithium batteries,  prioritising safety and efficiency throughout the process.


Decommission & removal of battery storage system

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Seamless and environmentally friendly

Whether you’re dealing with safe or unsafe batteries, our comprehensive service ensures the secure removal of lithium-ion units from your facilities. With a commitment to industry-leading practices and stringent safety protocols, our team streamlines the decommissioning and dismantling process, providing clients with a hassle-free solution for the disposal of energy storage systems, grid storage units, home energy storage setups, and lithium-ion batteries integrated into gas and electric utility meters. 

Cellcycle’s end-to-end approach not only reinforces our dedication to environmental responsibility but also guarantees a seamless and environmentally friendly solution for the energy and utility sector’s evolving needs.

The UK’s First Solution

Cellcycle proudly stands as the UK’s sole sustainable recycler of lithium thionyl chloride batteries, a prevalent component in electric and gas meters. Our commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation is exemplified by our exclusive focus on recycling these batteries, addressing a critical need in the industry. In a strategic partnership with CL Refurbishments Ltd, a leading utility meter recycler, Cellcycle ensures the sustainable recycling of all utility meters and their associated batteries across the UK. 

Visit CL Refurbishments website below:

This collaboration combines Cellcycle’s specialised expertise in lithium thionyl chloride battery recycling with CL Refurbishments Ltd.’s proficiency in utility meter recycling, establishing a comprehensive and environmentally conscious solution for the responsible disposal of these essential components. By working together, Cellcycle and CL Refurbishments Ltd contribute significantly to the circular economy, paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future in the utility sector.