We are Carbon Neutral

Verified Carbon Standard

All of our carbon offset projects meet the highest standards and are certified by the world’s most thorough Carbon Certification.

A Carbon Neutral Recycling Company

At Cellcycle, we are proud to share our status as a carbon-neutral company. Achieving carbon neutrality means we have taken significant steps to measure and offset our carbon emissions, ensuring our operations have a net-zero impact on the planet’s climate. 

This commitment not only reflects our dedication to environmental stewardship but also positions us as a leader in sustainable business practices. By embracing this responsibility, we contribute positively to the global fight against climate change, ensuring a healthier planet for future generations.

Helping Create a Sustainable Future for All

In our journey towards carbon neutrality, Cellcycle has implemented innovative strategies to reduce our carbon footprint, focusing on energy efficiency, sustainable resources, and cutting-edge technologies. This proactive approach not only minimises our environmental impact but also sets a new standard for ecological responsibility in our industry. 

By investing in renewable energy and supporting carbon offset projects, we’re not just neutralising our carbon emissions—we’re actively contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

Our Journey to Becoming a Carbon Neutral Business

Step 1 -  Carbon Footprint Calculation

To achieve our official Carbon Neutral status, we follow several internationally recognised standards including ISO: 14064, and the GHG Emissions Protocol standards for accurate emission calculations. Self-assessments usually fail to comply, making an audit essential for accurate reporting.

Step 2+3 - Carbon Offsetting  + Carbon Neutral Certification

After calculating our carbon emissions, we offset them through Verra, Gold Standard, and UN certified projects, that follow strict global standards for accuracy. Once completed, Cellcycle receives a Carbon Neutral Certification, helping showcase our environmental commitment to our clients.

Step 4 - Reduction of Future Emissions

Using our newly published emissions report we develop our own Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) to identify and cut future emissions. This aligns with Science Based Targets and UK regulations, to help ensure we tackle both our immediate and long-term impacts on the environment.

Our Carbon (GHG) Emissions Report

Discover our journey to carbon neutrality in our latest Carbon Emissions Report for 2023. This document showcases our commitment to environmental stewardship and outlines our strategic approach towards reducing our emissions and overall impact on the environment.

Feel free to download our report below:

Supporting Carbon Capture Projects

Showcasing the impactful initiatives of carbon-neutral companies in improving our environment under Carbon Neutral Britain