The rapid growth of battery waste in the UK and what the industry is doing about it

December 21, 2023

Millions of batteries are produced every year in the UK from lithium-ion found in electric vehicles to domestic alkaline batteries found in household electronics and with the advancements in new technology the demand for new battery products has risen dramatically across the UK and globe.

However, the increase in production of batteries means the increase in redundant batteries and waste battery material. This increase in end-of-life batteries poses a large threat to our environment if left unchecked.

Fortunately, several companies in the UK are already working hard to tackle this growing waste stream by developing sustainable and cost-effective methods for the recycling and disposal of batteries and battery material here in the UK.

Using state-of-the art technology, companies like Cellcycle are developing a process that can help recover precious elements from battery material that can be reused in the production of new batteries and technology.

These battery recycling processes will be very first UK-based solutions to battery recycling here in the UK and will help shape the battery recycling sector for years to come.

To find out more about Cellcycle’s battery recycling service and how we are developing one of the UK’s first in-house battery recycling processes speak to one of our experts today.

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