Reuse of EV Batteries Can Help Power the UK

July 26, 2022
Electric & hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more popular in the UK and with it so is the rise in redundant electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

Batteries found in EVs and hybrids use one of two chemistries: lithium-ion or Nickel-metal Hydride. The life-span of these batteries can vary but one thing they do have in common is that once they start to lose their over all power they become redundant….or do they?

Powering the Country with EV Batteries

Depending on the condition many EV and hybrid batteries can be reused in a range of different equipment, processes and installations.

One of the biggest applications for reused batteries is in the form of stationary storage. From solar energy storage to use with wind turbines, EV batteries can be used to help provide sustainable, green energy to homes and businesses in the UK through the grid.

The reuse of EV batteries will help the UK move closer to achieving their target of net zero carbon production and ultimately the phasing out of fossil fuel plants. The UK government estimates technology like battery storage systems could save the UK energy system up to £40 billion by 2025.

The Solution

Battery and automobile manufacturers in the UK have a duty to ensure any end-of-life batteries are collected, treated and disposed of safely and sustainably. This is why Cellcycle provides clients with a complete battery disposal solution. Through the assessment of each battery we receive we can determine which assets can be reused and put back into the market.

Those that can’t be reused in future applications are then treated and recycled to allow the extraction of precious elements like cobalt and nickel.

Speak to a member of our battery recycling team today to discuss your battery disposal requirements.

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