GDPR Compliance

1. Who We Are:

Cellcycle, a division of SER Group, specialises in battery recycling, focusing on contributing to a sustainable future. Leveraging SER Group’s extensive experience in the recycling sector, Cellcycle addresses the growing need for battery recycling solutions in the UK and internationally.


2. About This Privacy Policy:

This policy is designed in accordance with the latest GDPR standards, ensuring the protection and responsible handling of personal data.


3. Definition of Personal Information:

Cellcycle considers personal information to include identifiable details such as your name, age, contact information, financial data, and any other specifics that can identify you. This encompasses unique identifiers like genetic, biometric, and online data, including IP addresses and mobile device IDs.

Our Privacy Notice outlines the nature of personal data we collect, its usage, sharing practices, data protection measures, and your rights regarding this data. This policy is integral to our digital terms and is applicable across our data collection platforms. We regularly update this policy, and we encourage revisiting it for the latest information.


4. We collect various personal data, including:
  • Directly from you through interactions with our staff or future online platforms.
  • Indirectly through your engagement with our services, including automatic data collection via cookies (refer to our “Website Cookies Policy”).
  • From third-party sources, with your consent and as required for contractual or legal compliance.

The data collected includes personal details, financial and employment information, transactional and technical data, and your marketing preferences.


5. Website Cookies Policy:

Cellcycle’s website utilises cookies to differentiate users, enhancing their browsing experience and improving site functionality. Cookies, small text files stored on your browser, track site navigation and user-provided information. Our cookie usage includes:

Essential Cookies: Necessary for website operation, enabling functions like account login and browser communication.

Analytical/Performance Cookies: These help us count visitors and analyse how they navigate our site, aiding in site optimization.

Functionality Cookies: Used to recognise returning users, allowing us to tailor content and remember preferences.

Targeting Cookies: Track site visits, page views, and followed links for tailored advertising. Some of this data may be shared with third parties.

Users initially encounter a message about our cookie use, with the option to manage preferences. If not adjusted, a preference cookie confirms consent for up to 5 years. Note that some third-party cookies are beyond our control.

To reject or opt-out of cookies, users can delete cookies from their browsers or adjust browser settings. Information on managing cookies can be found at Opting out of Interest-Based Advertising cookies is also possible via the Internet Advertising Bureau’s website.

Google Tag Manager, used on our site, manages various tags without using cookies or collecting personal data. It adheres to Google’s privacy policies.

Regularly updating your cookie preferences is recommended as disabling cookies can affect website functionality.


6. Purposes for Using Your Data:

We utilise your personal data for various essential purposes within legal and legitimate interest boundaries. These include managing our relationship with you, developing new offerings tailored to customer needs, marketing, and understanding how our services are used. We ensure that any use of personal information aligns with fulfilling contracts, legitimate business interests, and where necessary, obtaining your consent. This approach also extends to fulfilling our legal and contractual obligations, delivering our services, managing financial transactions, and ensuring compliance with financial crime prevention laws and regulations. Effective business operation, risk management, and compliance with legal duties are also core to our data usage policy.


7. How We Use Your Data:

We ensure a lawful basis for data use, either due to contractual requirements, user consent (like email subscriptions), or legitimate interests. The data is used for account management, site access, personalization of experience and services, responding to emails, and sending opted-in updates (with easy opt-out options). We adhere to GDPR and Privacy, protecting user rights and data. Users have the right to withdraw consent and request data deletion, aligning with our commitment to not retaining data longer than needed.


8. Sharing Personal Data:

We only share personal data with trusted partners and as required by law, ensuring confidentiality and data protection.


9. Data Safety:

In Cellcycle, we prioritise the security of your personal data, retaining it only as necessary for purposes outlined in our policy or until your consent is withdrawn. Data storage is exclusively in the UK, including our backup servers. We implement robust measures to ensure data protection, including:


  • Restricted access to data, limited to authorized personnel.
  • Comprehensive logging of data access, including details of the employee and the date of access.

These steps are part of our commitment to safeguarding your personal information in alignment with our data protection protocols.


10. Your Rights:

Cellcycle’s policy outlines the principles of data protection under DPA and GDPR, emphasizing lawful, transparent, and purpose-limited use of personal data. It ensures data accuracy, necessity, and security. Your rights include withdrawing consent, rectifying inaccuracies, requesting erasure or restriction of data processing, and opting out of marketing communications. These rights ensure control over your personal information in compliance with legal standards.


11. Data Retention:

Personal data is retained for no longer than 6 years, unless longer retention is required for legal or regulatory reasons.


12. Contacting Us:

For any queries related to our GDPR policy, please reach out to us at or call us at 0333 3355 765.


13. Changes to Our Privacy Policy:

Our privacy policy may be updated to reflect changes in our practices or regulatory requirements. Any changes will be communicated through our website.