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The Complete Battery Disposal Solution

At Cellcycle we provide our clients with the highest standard of battery disposal service. Below we have detailed our 6-step battery disposal process to give you the peace of mind that your assets will be in responsible hands. 

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1. Get in Touch

Arranging the recycling and disposal of your unwanted batteries couldn't be simpler. Get in touch and a member of our battery disposal team will discuss your requirement and take you through the process from beginning to end. 

2. Asset Management

Once you have spoken with a member of our team, we will work with you to arrange the best suitable solution for your battery disposal needs. 

As part of our asset management service we determine the most suitable transportation, type of protective packaging and the most sustainable and efficient route to your premises. 


All assets are tracked from the moment they leave your site to the point they arrive at ours. All assets are cross-checked and accounted for upon arrival at our facility. 

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3. ADR Approved
Collection and Transportation

Many of the batteries currently in the market, particularly lithium batteries, are classed as dangerous goods when being transported and require specialist transportation vehicles and licences to handle the assets. 

This is why at Cellcycle we use only licensed and ADR approved transportation, packaging and ADR trained staff.


Our team of disposal experts are equipped with the necessary training, procedures and equipment to ensure the safe and secure transport of all batteries from one facility to another.

4. Battery Recycling

At Cellcycle we want to provide not only the most efficient service but the most sustainable one too for our clients. 

Using new technology that has been developed in partnership with leading industry professionals across the UK, we are able to recycle many of the batteries that we receive. 


Through our recycling process we are able to retrieve valuable elements that can be reused in the production of new technologies including the development of more sustainable, longer lasting batteries.  

Recycled Plastic
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5. Battery Reuse

We have made it our mission to ensure we provide the most sustainable service to our clients. This is why when possible we will prioritise reuse over recycling. 

All batteries have a State of Health (SoH). Some uses for batteries require a minimum SoH percentage to be deemed usable. Those that fall below the requirement become redundant and are replaced. 

At Cellcycle we take those 'redundant' batteries and provide a second-life solution for them. We ensure they are reused and put back into new products.

6. Certification & Client Portal 

Once we have collected your batteries for disposal, your personal account manager will invite you to our secure cloud-storage portal Onehub. 

Within the portal you will have controlled user access to all necessary certification and documentation to ensure your 100% compliance. 


These files along with confidential documents, communication and all other required information can be securely stored and accessed at all times by only authorised personnel.

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