Asset management and why your business needs it when recycling batteries.

August 10, 2022
In the UK batteries are classed as hazardous waste and must be handled carefully throughout its life time. This is due to batteries containing substances such as nickel, lead, mercury and many other dangerous materials that pose a risk to the surrounding environment.

This is why when batteries reach their end of life it is imperative that they are safely and securely disposed of using the correct process.

Going thermal

Some batteries such as lithium-ion batteries can become unsafe and even critical. When in this condition these batteries are at high risk of causing a thermal runaway.

The thermal runaway of a li-ion battery is the unstoppable chain reaction that initiates within the battery. Temperatures can rise to as high as 400℃ within milliseconds as hazardous gas escapes the battery and fires erupt.

Managing your battery assets safely

Having an efficient and complete asst management process in place can help prevent any potential hazard that could be caused through the disposal of batteries.

This is why at Cellcycle we have created our own asset management process to ensure your battery assets are secure and in safe hands from the moment they leave your premises until they’re sustainably recycled.

We use ADR approved transportation and packaging, GPS securely tracked vehicles to carry out our collections. Once your assets return to our recycling facility we cross-reference all our paperwork to ensure all battery assets are accounted for.

As part of our asset management service customer’s are assigned their own personal account manager who is at hand to provide you with any updates regarding your your asset’s journey. Once your batteries are processed your dedicated account manager will provide you with the necessary certification so that you stay 100% compliant. In addition, all information, including paperwork, certification and updates are securely stored in your company’s own private cloud storage workspace.

If you are a business looking recycle and dispose of batteries get in touch with a member of our battery recycling team who will be more than happy to provide you with a tailored battery disposal solution.

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