As part of the SER group, we have made it our shared vision to to create a sustainable future for all through our commitment to zero landfill, community engagement, support for charity and education.


We believe education is at the heart of sustainability. In our mission to create a sustainable future for all it is important that future generations are educated on the importance of recycling and what it means to be sustainable.

Cellcycle works closely with the education sector to help teach students and young people about the life-cycle and the growing waste stream end-of-life batteries. We achieve this through several different projects, initiatives and services that are catered to support organisations and young people within the education sector. 

When helping educate the young people of today we also look inwards. Since the company’s inception in 2013 we have made it our goal to open up opportunities for young people to gain work experience, apprenticeships and full-time jobs at Cellcycle and in the recycling sector. We work closely with a host of local schools, colleges and Wythenshawe job centre to provide young people with a gateway into a future career. You can read more about our support for young people becoming work-ready. You can find out more about more information by clicking here.



We will invite community art groups, local charities and organisations specialising in mental health and wellbeing into our workspace. We will provide space to enable participant’s creativity to flow within an art project over a set period-of-time, creating unique artwork.

This allows people with autism and disabilities to express their creativity and demonstrate their skills whilst also having the opportunity to socialise. With this initiative, we aim to demonstrate locally and regionally how businesses can reach out to community art groups, charities, and local communities and how it can contribute towards positive outcomes with respect to health and wellbeing regardless of economic circumstances.